For the last couple of months I was pondering on what it is that restrains people from expressing out themselves…and thousands of thoughts flooded my head rendering me all perplexed. Sometimes we don’t get a chance to express.. at other times we don’t know the way to express… and the rest of the times it’s our hesitation that gets the better of everything. In all the conditions our thoughts remain confined to our mind…
At times we keep on waiting to get a chance to express..at times we express it in a way that is not appropriate. At times we feel we did our level best to express but the way we chose to express…the way we felt was apt for that situation…other’s may not feel the same about it.. they may not feel comfortable with it..it might sound strange to them or even hurt them in some way.
Expressing yourself is not all that matters …how you express it that matters the most.
If you care for people don’t keep your thought’s inside..express them out but in a way that even those people (to whom it concerns) may also feel blessed to have you in their life…So don’t wait for luck to come into play nor waste your time to get a chance..Every moment is the best n the most appropriate moment to express your feelings out.
It’s never too late to do the right thing so its better to speak out your heart rather than to sit quiet n curse yourself  lifelong for the care and love not shown..for the words unspoken…for the things untold. So love people..care about them …n make tthem feel happy.
So here I’m doing my part of job..rite here …rite now…for all those I care for..

About kritibhatnagar

An engineer by mind and an artist by heart!! I believe... As we vacillate between the different options life provides us...it's good to take out some time for ourself...some time to sit back, ponder and reflect...
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