To have a glance over my writing

You’ll have to switch to a different wing

Contribution to this site has been paused

Sorry, for the inconvenience caused!!


To check out my blog updates, hover over or comb through or better dig in to : 

For life and stuff and a little bluff: http://just-a-little-time.blogspot.in/

For rhymes and fun times : http://bumps-and-bruises.blogspot.in/

If you wish some visual treat, here I’ll greet : http://alpha-en-omega.blogspot.in/


Thanks for stopping by

See you soon with Mai tai!!


About kritibhatnagar

An engineer by mind and an artist by heart!! I believe... As we vacillate between the different options life provides us...it's good to take out some time for ourself...some time to sit back, ponder and reflect...
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